What happens to my credit score if I get married?

methodistbambina asked:

I’m in my late 20’s and my soon to be husband is in his early thirties. I have credit card debt, but I’m working on it. I have a couple bank accounts. I also have a really good credit score. My soon to be husband filed for bankruptcy a couple years ago after he got divorced to avoid paying for bills his wife wasn’t paying. He doesn’t have a credit card. He does have a bank account. I have no idea what his credit score is. Will my credit score be affected when we get married? Should we share a bank account when we get married?
Note: His wife bought things and then didn’t pay for the bills for them. They were items she bought and used when they were separated. He didn’t see or use them. When she didn’t pay for them the creditors came after her. She claimed she wasn’t working and then they came after him after they were divorced. He was advised to file bankruptcy so the creditors would stop going after him.

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